Are you looking for a fun, slow-stitching project?  

Mindful Quilt II

is designed to help you enjoy the calming effects of creativity and mindful stitching in just 15-30 minutes a day!

Do you enjoy the benefits of regular creativity but find it hard to fit in with your daily life?

  • Are you finding it tricky to get into a regular rhythm of creating?
  • Maybe the blocks are too big/complicated and not easy to complete in the pockets of time you have available?
  • You want some variation of blocks so that you can stretch your skills/not get bored? 
  • You lose motivation halfway through a project because it feels like you're not making any progress?

Mindful Quilt II has been especially designed to help you solve all these problems!

The first Mindful quilt along was held in 2020 (before I even realised quite what a year it was going to be and just how needed a mindful quilt project would be!) and was enjoyed by everyone who took part.

It's a fun, low pressure quilt along that encourages you to slow down, enjoy the process of making, and be creative.

When I mentioned that I was considering a second version because I was missing mindful stitching, lots of people got in touch to let me know they felt the same!

So, if you are looking for a fun, scrap-busting, skill-building project to work on, why not sign-up and join in the fun?! 

"I have enjoyed this project! The instructions were easy to follow and the short videos for detail of how to do the techniques were helpful.

I recommend doing a class with Sonia, she puts so much into the presentation of the instructions."

R, Beaufort Quilt BOM

Hi! I'm Sonia!

I've been stitching for over 10 years and featured in popular quilting magazines as well as teaching virtual and real-life workshops.

I first experienced the benefit of daily creativity when my children were very young, although back then it was crochet! After lunch each day, I would sit with a cup of tea and complete just one row of a blanket.

It would often only take 15 minutes but I felt such a sense of accomplishment, and because the task was repetitive I found it very calming for my busy mind!

That project has been long finished, but I missed the ease and simpleness of the project and wanted to design a quilty version.

When I first started looking at creating a mindful stitching project, it was designed based on;

  • Time: the blocks had to be fun, interesting and doable within 15-30 minutes
  • Achievable: it had to fit in with a busy lifestyle, be adaptable and teach new skills but not be overwhelming
  • Consistency: the benefit from mindful stitching comes from doing it most days! They say it takes 66 days to create a new habit so the project had to be fun and trackable to keep the motivation going!

How Does Mindful Quilt II work?

This quilt has been carefully designed with ease of making in mind - each block is relatively simple and shouldn't take more than 15-30mins to make - and versatility of patterns that can be created from placing the blocks together.

And because all the blocks are the same size, you can rotate, substitute and move blocks around as your inspiration takes you!

Twelve (12) Block designs: all new designs and I also include some variations so that you can add your own spin!

Techniques included: curves, appliqué, machine/hand-piecing

Three (3) Quilt Designs: Modern Sampler (60" x 64"), Traditional 1 (61" x 61") and Traditional 2 (40" x 53").

Progress Trackers: monthly and annual trackers to help you track your creative journey.

Format: step-by-step written instructions and video tutorials for individual techniques.

Mindful Quilt II is designed to utilise scraps, so it can be hard to give exact fabric requirements for making the blocks. As an estimate, you will need between 1 3/4m and 4m of fabrics to make the quilt tops depending on the quilt layout you chose to make.

The Quilt Designs

What's Included?

Video & Written Instructions
Step-by-step written instructions supported with video.

Full size templates included.


Cover a number of skills including (but not limited to) hand-piecing, curves and appliqué.

Easy Access

You can access course materials 24/7* and re-watch video's as many times as you like.

*Mindful Quilt II officially start 1st January 2024 


"The Mindful QAL was my perfect refuge in this difficult year. It gave me the opportunity to learn, to create, and feel a part of a quilting community, each month waiting for the new block instructions. I have loved watching my quilt grow, knowing there is not another like it in the world."


Mindful Quilt BOM, 2020

"I have enjoyed this BOM.....I found the instructions easy to follow, I particularly liked the choices given for each round so that the final quilt became your own individual creation rather than like many others. Sonia also responds very quickly to any comments or queries and seems very approachable"


Adventure Quilt BOM, 2021

"Sonia's enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment has been so important to me and it's through her skills and advice that I now have a quilt which I'm proud to say I made.

I have tackled new techniques and feel I have also gained a knowledge of using fabric colours."


Beaufort Quilt BOM, 2022


In the past I have always included a Sit'n'Sew with my Block of the Month - it's a great way of getting to know each other, ask me questions and having a dedicated time in the diary to sew.

However, I know not everyone has the time to attend these and may feel like they're missing out, so this year I have two (2) ways to join in!

Block of the Month Only

Block of the Month & Quarterly Sit'n'Sew Sessions (to be held in January, April, September & December)

  • BOM Only
  • £48

    Join Now
  • 12 Block Designs
  • Videos for each Technique
  • Progress Trackers

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you've signed up, you will be sent log-in details and able to access the Mindful Quilt II area straight away.

The first block instructions will be available on the 1st January 2024, with subsequent blocks available on the 1st of each month.

Sewing Kit (needle, thread, seam ripper, scissors etc).
Rotary Cutter, Mat and Quilting Ruler
[Optional] Sewing machine with 1/4" foot.

You can find my favourite items here. (*affiliate link)

Printer (for blocks with templates, you will be provided with full-size PDF files that you can download at home).

The instructions include three (3) different quilt layouts - Modern Sampler 60 x 64"; Trad Sampler Small - 61" x 61" and Trad Sampler Large 40" x 53"

The quilt has been designed as a scrap quilt (although it can easily be more co-ordinated!)

Full material estimations are included in the details above.

Mindful Quilt II is designed as a slow-stitching project and so there is a focus on hand-stitching. However, you can easily stitch the blocks by machine if you rather, or use a combination of both.

Skill wise, we will be practising hand-piecing, curves and appliqué. 

Yes! This Block of the Month has been designed with slow-stitching in mind. The blocks designs are not too complicated (because we want to be able to make them in a 15-30min time frame!) and cover the basics as well as introducing new techniques as we progress during the year.

This project is suitable for new through to experienced quilters, and is an excellent first project as you can get started with a basic sewing kit (it can all be sewn by hand) and is a great scrap-buster and skill-builder. You can also choose the size of project that you want to make based on your time and how much fabric you have to hand!

I will be hand-sewing the majority of the blocks but you can sew them by machine if you would rather.  

Every quilter was new at some point, and my favourite way of learning is by jumping in at the deep end and just giving it a go!

However, I am also a big fan of detail and will be including step-by-step written instructions along with video's for any new techniques that I could as we go along. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Due to the digital nature of this product and that all of the information is available to you straight away, refunds are not available on this product.

If you have any questions about this course, please get in touch before joining.

The Mindful Quilt II Block of the Month is ©2023 by fabric & flowers. All rights reserved. This pattern has been designed for personal use only.

I have put a lot of time and effort into this design so that we can all have a fun.

I would love it if you sew this project with friends - just please make sure that everyone buys their own copy of the pattern. Anyone found sharing log-in details will, I'm afraid, be blocked from the page.

Please also respect my copyright when sharing on social media and do not post detailed measurements or specific techniques that have been included within the course. Thank you.

Hi! I'm Sonia! A quilter, designer, course-creator and occasional dress-maker.

I have been quilting since 2012, and featured in popular magazines such as Love Patchwork & Quilting, Quilt Now, Make Modern and Mollies Makes, as well as teaching workshops. 

I like to demystify sewing by sharing techniques, tutorials, hints and tips I've learnt on my own journey on my website.